Earn credit by referring friends

We love when people spread the word about Simply Wall St, and we want to reward those that do.

You can earn up to 3 months free access to the Investor Plan by referring your friends.

For those on an investor plan you earn credit off your next subscription fee.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log onto the platform.
  2. Head to https://simplywall.st/user/invite
  3. Share your personal code via social media or send the link direct (don't use that code below, it's mine!)

You can also track what friends of yours have signed up:


So, once one of your friends have signed up we will send you an email stating the fact. Depending on what sort of account you have different things can happen (note, these events happen as soon as your friend signs up):

On a trial:

  • Your trial will be extended for 7 days for each friend that signs up. 

On the learner plan (free account):

  • Your plan will transfer to the Investor Plan for 7 days allowing unlimited access to the app. If no more friends are referred at the end of 7 days you will go back to the learner plan.

On the Investor plan (paid subscription):

  • We add a pro-rata credit to your account, so at your next subscription due date your annual fee is reduced by one week for each referral. So your invoice could look like this for one referral:

Note: The 7 days off your annual fee is calculated at the full subscription fee.

So go share that code and enjoy access to the Investor Plan on us!


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